Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Top 5 European Countries for 2014

As Lonely Planet have released their Top 10 Countries for 2014 list, I thought it would be about the right time for me to do the same. But as I do not have the knowledge of as many global destinations as Lonely Planet (or the manpower to research them) I will limit my list to Europe and keep it to five destinations. Trying to choose just five countries for this list is an extremely difficult task as you can imagine! This list is based on my own personal views and if you have any other suggestions please write them in the comment section below.

#5. Spain

Not the picture you expected was it? Yes you can ski in Spain...on snow!
Far from being a sunshine only destination, Spain has much more to offer visitors. Ski and Snowboard holidays are becoming increasingly popular during the winter months, particularly in the north and eastern parts of the country. There are also hiking trips, city breaks...and yes of course the beachside resorts!

You can also ski on the water, just bring shorts not a jacket
How could I possibly mention Spain without including the summer sunshine, the reason why thousands flock here each year. Although this kind of tourism en masse is not the most luxurious or relaxing, it is affordable.

#4. France

Photo :
Regularly number one for international arrivals, France has pretty much everything you could want from a tourism perspective. From the bright lights and romance of Paris, to the mind-numbingly beautiful landscape of Provence and the alluring beaches of the south. France never fails to disappoint. If you do visit, you should try to get out of the cities and experience the splendour of the quiet countryside.

#3. Greece

Often overlooked in recent times due to the volatile political and economical climate, Greece is still a paradise in Europe. With its sapphire blue seas and spectacular sunsets, this beautiful country still has everything to offer its visitors. Aside from the millennia of history and famous mythology, there are scenic villas, secluded beaches and a night-life to thrill!

#2. Norway

Photo: National Geographic
Norway would make the list for its beauty alone, but it is also becoming a wonderful place for more adventurous holidays. Obviously mountaineers will find plenty challenges here scaling the peaks overlooking the many magnificent fjords, but there is also activities for stargazers, families and newly-wed couples looking for a romantic getaway (a cruise beneath the northern lights anyone?).

#1. Scotland

I have gone along with Lonely Planet here who named Scotland their top European destination. Scotland is not only breathtakingly beautiful, it is also in for an extremely eventful year. Glasgow is set to hold the commonwealth games and there are a myriad of festivals and events taking place around the country next year. Throw in the highland games and the Edinburgh comedy festival and you are in for a real treat.

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