Friday, 6 December 2013

Bunkers Bar, Killorglin

One of my favourite bars, and indeed a favourite of the other locals in Killorglin, is Bunkers. A cosy, welcoming pub in the heart of Killorglin town. It is a vibrant and lively spot at the weekends, with an atmosphere to keep a silly grin on your face all night.

I tried frowning, didn't work
Part of the charm is the incredibly friendly staff, as with any bar or restaurant they are the life-blood of the place. If you're lucky, Tom the barman will have a few tales for you to keep you entertained for a while as you sip at your pint. Let's not forget the local punters, an interesting bunch always with stories to tell, sports to discuss or politics to debate. If you are a visitor, be prepared to have your family tree examined and find that you may after all have roots in Killorglin.

Your great-grandfather once stopped to use the loo here!

At the weekends you are likely to encounter some live music performed by various talented artists, or the occasional trad session on a Sunday evening. During the daylight ours, if you feel like grabbing a bite to eat, the food in Bunkers will delight and pleasure your taste-buds like no other food in the town. With delicious daily specials and an amazing A la Carte Menu, there are is a fine selection of magnificent food for you to choose from.