Saturday, 12 October 2013

Erasmus Diary Entry 3

So far almost everything I  have written about my Erasmus experience has been positive, and rightly so. But it would be wrong if I did not mention the bad points which these past couple of weeks have highlighted to me personally.
First and foremost there is the homesickness which, I am sure, has hit almost everyone who has emigrated or done the Erasmus at some point or another. There have been times at which I have been tempted to book the next flight back home and call it quits. For me it is very small things that trigger it, like not being able to get a decent cup of tea or seeing everyone on Facebook discussing Love/Hate and wishing I could be part of it. Over time you get over these small things but, of course, there will always be that part of you yearning for the friends and relatives back home. But of course that is to be expected is it not?

Not one store sells Barrys tea, my life is over!

While the homesickness get better over time, the financial strife is a constant. even if you have saved all summer, got a bank loan or whatever else, there is the constant pressure to watch what you are spending. When you are in a foreign country, the safety net of your parents is not as prominent. Obviously each individual will be in a different state financially but I'm speaking generally here of course. It is a terrifying thing to find yourself in the middle of a big city with no family around and only a few euros in your wallet. But if you are any good at all at budgeting I'm sure you would do just fine, unfortunately I am horrible with money and have found myself nearly running short on many occasions. But, on the other hand, it is a good learning experience.