Saturday, 30 November 2013

Erasmus diary entry 4

With exams and assignments coming thick and fast I have found little time to update my blog in recent weeks. After having a number of quiet weeks at the beginning of my time here, where there were no assignments or exams to speak of, all of a sudden it has become a rush of panic and confusion as to what is due when, and what to study for exams.

Group projects and presentations seem to be very popular over here, although in all honesty most of the group work we have been assigned could have been done easily by one person, so we end up with a "too many cooks" situation where everyone has an idea of how it should be done and it takes too long to decide on anything. When it comes to presentations, it is easy to see that the local students have had little or no teaching in how to speak in public, on the other hand, myself and Andrew have had lessons from our home institution on how to speak in public and the difference in quality of presentation is vast and obvious.

Outside of coursework, life in Madrid has been pretty relaxed for us. We meet with our friends in the city regularly or have them over to the apartment. So with just over 2 weeks remaining, I will have one final diary entry to follow this.

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