Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Man sues British Airways after booking for Granada, but flying to Grenada

From The Daily Edge

An American man is suing British Airways after he got on a plane he thought was heading for the Spanish city of Granada, but ended up in the Caribbean island of Grenada.

The Independent reports that Edward Gamson only realised his mistake once the flight was in the air and he and his partner glanced at the map they have at the front of the plane which shows you which way you’re headed.
And they were not headed in the right direction.
“How did this happen?” we hear you exclaim.
Well, Mr Gamson allegedly booked his flight tickets through a BA agent in Florida, and the electronic confirmation they received stated the destination as ‘Grenada’, but didn’t show the country or flight time.
The couple showed up at the airport, got on the plane looking forward to their Moorish getaway, dreaming of the Alhambra, but they never got there.
Despite an apology from British Airways and despite being told that they would be put on a plane to Granada (that’s GRANada), they never got there.
They’re now suing BA for damages, as the airline is refusing to reimburse him.
Incredibly, the same mistake had been made the week before too. The Daily Mail reportsthat a 62-year-old woman found herself on a flight from Gatwick to Grenada, when she really wanted to go to Granada.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rixos Premium Göcek Suites &Villas opens to rave reviews

from the World Travel Network
The new Rixos property in Göcek - known for its world-famous bays - serves the premium market with 206 suites and villas in a fabulous location near the sea and pine trees in peace with magnificent nature.

Rixos Premium Göcek Suites &Villas opens to rave reviewsThe property offers peaceful holidays with great sea and mountain views, in the middle of pine trees.
Rixos Premium Göcek Suites & Villas, situated on an area of 76500 square meters, provides guests with everything they would expect form a perfect holiday.
There is a chance to enjoy food and beverages in Rixos Premium Göcek Suites & Villas – both of which will provide great pleasure.
Great examples of Turkish, Italian and world cuisines are on offer, alongside sea food prepared by senior chefs and served in open buffets.
The Turquoise, Daidala and People’s restaurants are also open on an à la carte basis.

Industry leaders from across Europe were in town for the opening
In Rixos Premium Göcek Suites & Villas, the tranquility with sea, garden and forest views are combined with entertainment: bars and clubs named Nox, Rixos Exclusive Club, Rixos Lounge, High Light will color your night life.
Also, guests will be able to participate in food-workshops led by the Michelin-starred chefs in Rixos Premium Göcek Suites & Villas, as part of the new Rixos premium concept.
Rixy Club, which offers a great holiday opportunity for kids with various fun activities and Anjana SPA, which will make you feel a part of the nature and will allow you to relax; will enrich your holiday.

World Travel Awards president Graham Cooke called in for the opening
In Anjana SPA - located on an area of 730 square meters – holidaymakers will invigorate themselves and will have an inner peace with the help of the Far East massages and therapies practiced by experts using special materials and traditional methods.
Moreover, in Rixos Premium Göcek Suites & Villas which keeps the tradition of the Turkish bath alive, meaning guests will get rid of their fatigue through the special “kese” massages with soaps with vitamins.
Rixos Premium Göcek Suites & Villas is ready during the season to color the entertainment life in Göcek with its services of yoga, pilates, trekking, tennis, bicycle tours, dance courses, Zumba Blues and jazz concerts and also great party concepts.
More Information
Rixos is previously been recognized as Europe’s Leading Hotel Brand by the World Travel Awards.
There is more information on the new property on the official website.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Stevns Klint in Denmark has been added to the UNESCO world heritage list

At its annual meeting in Qatar, UNESCO’s world heritage committee has added the coastal cliff Stevns Klint in Denmark to its list of
outstanding world heritage sites.
The Danish Minister for Culture, Marianne Jelved, says:
”I am proud that the UNESCO world heritage committee have recognized the unique value of Stevns Klint. And particularly proud that Denmark has once
again made a contribution to our common world heritage and, in that way, helped forge bonds across national boundaries.”
The mayor of Stevns Municipality, Mogens Haugaard Nielsen, says:
”We are extremely happy. Our success is a result of the indefatigable work of many people and institutions for a common cause. In particular, the
commitment of local citizenry along the cliff has been crucial. Now we are looking forward to showing off our newly-crowned world heritage site to lots of

The mass extinction
Stevns Klint is a world-class geological site. In the centre of the white cliff is a thin, dark layer of clay. The clay contains the story of the asteroid that hit the
earth 66 million years ago and destroyed half the world’s animal and plant species – including the dinosaurs.
An application to become a world heritage site is no walk in the park. Behind the application is a year-long effort from experts from the Museum of East
Zealand and the University of Copenhagen, who have described Stevns Klint and demonstrated through comparisons with other places in the world the
special characteristics of the cliff. UNESCO’s experts and the committee have ascertained from Stevns Municipality, which has participated in the work
both economically and with a description of the administration and protection of the cliff, and especially from the residents of Stevns, who have committed
themselves, that there is local backing for the application.

Stevns Klint is the fourth Danish site to be added to UNESCO’s world heritage list. Jelling was the first site in Denmark to be placed on the list 20 years
ago and, later, Roskilde Cathedral and Elsinore Castle were added. In addition, the Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland also belongs on the list as a part of the
Danish Commonwealth. UNESCO’s prestigious list is closing in on 1,000 sites.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Heathrow 'confident' over third runway

From the Travel Trade Gazette
Heathrow has won the argument that it should have a third runway, a spokesman for the airport has claimed.
Heathrow aeroplanes
Speaking as Heathrow gears up to open the new Terminal 2 on Wednesday, Nigel Milton, Heathrow’s director of policy and political relations, told the GTMC conference in Marrakech: “At the moment, we are confident we will get permission for it.”
The Davies Commission will decide whether to back expansion at Gatwick, Heathrow or a Thames Estuary airport next summer, after the general election. Milton said “very few people” saw the latter option as viable but admitted that a third runway would be effective only until 2040-2050.
“After that it is difficult to predict what aviation will be like.”
This year was a landmark, he said, because London had lost its crown as the home of the world’s biggest port or airport after 350 years. “This year, Dubai has overtaken it. We can either accept that or say that does matter, we need to be adding new markets, new areas of the globe.”
Milton said lessons had been learned from the disastrous opening of Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and that Wednesday’s event would see just 17 flights dealt with at Terminal 2, but admitted: “We have got to remember that it could go wrong.”
Terminal 2 will be fully operational by November, meaning that 60% of the airport’s passengers would use either it or Terminal 5.
“The aspiration is for T2 to be as good or better,” he said.