Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Things only Irish People will get

Countless Facebook pages are set up daily, most go relatively unnoticed, some peak quickly and are then forgotten about, and every so often one will appear that sticks in our mind. Things only Irish people will get is a page which is very popular at the moment. It is both witty, funny and relative to us all!

With Pictures like this how could it not be?
But I am not writing this post merely to promote a Facebook page, I am writing this post because this particular page has a story behind it. Created by a young man from Galway by the name of James Keane, he is using the popularity of his page to help raise awareness and funds for Aoibheanns pink tie, a charity which aids children with cancer (a very worthy cause I am sure you will all agree). James has been putting a lot of effort into the campaign, along with studying for exams, and deserves credit for both his generosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Not to mention the Lady killer look.
It is always great to see the young people of Ireland dedicating their time and effort to help a good cause. The more people like James Keane that we have in this country, the better we will all be for it. It would be a shame for this young lads efforts to be in vain, so please log onto to aid this amazing cause, and maybe pick yourself up a nice t-shirt while your at it!

Thanks to Douglas Ackerman, whose email brought this young mans efforts to my attention

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