Thursday, 24 April 2014

Travelling Alone, want to make new friends? There's an app for that!

Thousands of singles have benefitted from the resources found on the website and will attest to the fact that some things are just better when experienced together.
Sharing a trip is one of the best ways to truly experience a new location. Finding the perfect travel partner and planning your dream vacation on the social travel network, makes the experience so much brighter.
Go Exploring
Enjoying new and exciting experiences is the best part of sharing a trip. Take some time to see the sights that you may not find in a travel brochure. has a team of experts and avid travelers at hand who are more than happy to share great tips about the real places of interest. Experience the unique culture of your vacation destination firsthand, visiting the best unknown eateries and taking part in local festivals.
Educate Yourselves
Learning about new cultures and customs together is a great way to get to know more about your traveling partners. Take the time to go sightseeing or join a guided tour, learn together about the history of this amazing location that drew you both to it. Vacations don’t have to be all about thrills and excitement, many members of have discovered that sharing a learning experience with a friend not only enhances the experience, but also the relationship.
Treat Yourselves to a Little Downtime
With all the excitement of new adventures, don’t forget that you and your travel partner still deserve the rest and relaxation that make travel so worthwhile. Travelers have noted that one of the most rewarding parts of traveling together is enjoying some downtime; take a nap, read a good book poolside, or simply take a stroll on the beach. Pamper yourselves together with a soothing massage to help you ease any tension you may have accumulated throughout your journey. Finish off the day with your travel partner by finding a nice scenic spot to watch the sunset on another perfect day of vacation. is a social travel website and iPhone app designed to boost the vacation plans of members by connecting over 300,000 single travelers worldwide. Using the Live Chat feature, members can discuss planned trips, hook-up with new friends overseas, show visitors their favorite spots, and share hot tips about real places of interest. uses the combined knowledge of a team of Internet experts (all avid travelers) with over 15 years of experience to give their members the most valuable vacation planning advice. All profiles are verified by staff, ensuring authentic interaction between members looking for the perfect travel companion.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

O'Neills Irish Bar, Madrid

Fantastically friendly staff, a lovely, welcoming atmosphere and a feeling of being home. These are just a few of the many positive things that can be said about one of my regular haunts from my time studying in Madrid. Myself and Andrew were lucky enough to stumble upon the bar, located not far from the Sol metro station, in the first couple of weeks in Madrid. We had the pleasure of befriending one of the barmen, Mark, who convinced us to come to one of the "intercambio" nights that he organises. Thanks to him, we made a number of firm friends from attending these nights, as well as improving our level of Spanish immensely.

Aside from the fantastic atmosphere and great location, O'Neills has a delicious food menu. I could not praise it highly enough. If I had not been living on a tight budget I probably would have eaten there every night! They show a variety of sports and have most Soccer games, including Champions League, live on TV. If you're lucky enough to be in Madrid in the future, make sure to visit O'Neills and tell them I sent you.

Data Roaming Charges

So I'm just back from another trip to Slovakia (I will never get sick of the place) where I spent the long weekend. I have a pay as you go plan for my mobile phone and it struck me at how quickly I ran out of credit without realising it. Small things like a status update on Facebook, reading news articles or a few retweets on Twitter and my €20 credit had all but disappeared.

Now that's not too bad for me, when my credit is gone I just can't use the phone any more. But what about the poor souls on bill-pay plans? Imagine the shock you could get after a 2 week holiday if you're not extremely careful, you could get a very nasty surprise with your next phone bill.

Picture : The Guardian
Thankfully, the EU is introducing laws, taking effect from later this year, which will essentially eliminate data roaming charges within the EU. But for people travelling to and from the United States, Canada, Asia etc, it can get very expensive to use your phone. Still, there is hope, some companies such as TravelCell have seen a chance to offer cheaper international connectivity when abroad, and it is well worth your time to have a look at them.

TravelCell has been providing global wireless and data communications for well over 15 years. We have hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients throughout the USA and Canada. We offer free incoming calls, low outgoing calling plans, reliable & proven worldwide networks and offices in NY, NJ and abroad. We also offer corporate and group discounts and work closely to ensure everything runs smoothly. TravelCell is an easy choice for anyone traveling overseas. In today’s troubled times, the importance of global communications is on everyone’s mind. Therefore, TravelCell offers you safety, security and peace of mind.  

Many travelers return to the USA and get sticker shock from bills over $1000 for international roaming and data fees. Smartphones automatically update and use tremendous amounts of usage at high cost per megabyte. Instead of using your own phone while traveling abroad, which could incur extremely high bills, use a TravelCell! Travel worry-free, knowing that you got the best deal on your international cell phone. To get a list of all products and plans please visit