Monday, 19 August 2013

6 Reasons why Ireland loves Americans

While driving through Moneygall this Saturday past, we came across the most blatant display of "Arse-lickery" you are ever likely to see in this country. The place was absolutely coated with American flags and Obama-related pictures, pubs and what have you.

Not that I have any major problem with that, towns must use what they have going for them to increase tourism, and for Moneygall that happens to be their connection to the prez. But it did get me thinking as to why we in Ireland love America so much, and also why we hate them! So here are the reasons (In my opinion at least) as to why we love them (the hate list follows later).

1. Tourism

The first, and probably most obvious reason is the all important dollar! Not as strong as it used to be, but we love when those folk from across the water come and spend their hard earned bucks in our little green island. So we roll out the welcome wagon, throw on a leprechaun costume and bombard them with as much paddwhackery as a drunken ginger farmer on Saint Paddys day!

2. The Drink

We seem to love nothing better than showing them yanks how to drink, really drink! (Who says the Irish have a drinking problem, we drink, it's no problem!) The tales I could recount of lads who were down the pub and "drank them Americans under the table and over the counter" and were still able to walk home while those same Americans were on their way to A&E. It might help that we (legally speaking) have an extra three years of practice.

3. The Movies

There is no denying that we all love a great American action movie. Die Hard, Terminator, Fast and Furious...need I say more?

4. The Accent

Whether it is the really annoying version, or the version that makes you want to unbutton your pants. The American accents (It's plural for a reason folks) are instantly recognisable. From the souther drawl to the New "Yoik" swagger, we all turn our heads when we hear it. (Unless of course we are IN America in which case we would get a crick from constantly turning...)

5. The Celebrities

Nobody does fame like the Americans, and we love famous Americans! If Enda Kenny walked down the street nobody would blink an eye, but if Eminem took a stroll to the shops or went for a pint in the local, their would be women fainting within a 2 mile radius and men rushing to be the first to buy him said pint.

How the hell am I gonna get served?

6. We hope they will turn out to be a secret agent

Is it just me that has a slight hope that when we meet an American that they are going to whisk us away on an epic crime-fighting adventure and turn us into the next CIA superspy? No? Just me then?

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