Tuesday, 13 August 2013

3 Reasons why Channels 4's attack on Ryanair was wrong

I am not one to usually defend Ryanair, in most cases I am quite critical of them, but in this particular case they have been unfairly criticised.

1. Ryanair comply with all safety regulations
Despite implications that Ryanair are risking passenger safety by carrying "just enough" fuel. Ryanair has an impeccable safety record and must comply with the safety regulations of all relevant authorities. Said authorities also investigate the airline regularly to make sure they are up to scratch, and so far no concerns over safety have risen.

2. They do their best to be economical

As Mr. O'Leary has stated today, Ryanair does not want "boy racers" flying their planes. In other words, he wants his pilots to fly, slow and smooth so as to be both economical and environmentally friendly.

And let's face it, they do a damned good job of it too. There is no need for them to be filling their tanks to the brim.

3. Channel 4 omitted some vital information.

According to "thejournal.ie" the IAA informed Channel 4 that Ryanairs safety is on a par with every other Airline, not just the average but the safest. As well as omitting this vital piece of information, Channel 4 said that 3 planes were diverted due to fuel emergencies, this was out of over 1 million flights so clearly these fuel emergencies are the exception, not the norm.