Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Thermo Tent has arrived! Insulated Comfort, Outdoors... The team at Irish company Thermo Tents Ltd has developed the world's very first correctly (thermally and acoustically) insulated tent, with applications in Camping and Disaster Relief. And they are coming to on March 24th. It's 'so long' to sweltering days, freezing night & noisy campsites.

Derek O’Sullivan, CEO of Thermo Tents Ltd counts himself lucky to have grown up in a picturesque little townland in the southwest of Ireland. "Perfect for camping in the outdoors, so I did. A lot," he says, "before mortgages and all of those exciting sorts of things took over! Anyway, although I love camping and the outdoors, I hated being too hot or too cold in my tents, whenever the temperature changed outside." Derek also hated that there was no noise barrier between himself and the outside world. "Especially annoying when you haven't been invited to the party!" he says. Derek goes on to speak about his other experiences. "This is an inconvenience for us recreational campers" he says. But Derek has also seen at first-hand what residents of overcrowded refugee camps all over the world have to put up with every single day. "These are ordinary people with families, just like you and me, who have been thrust into this way of living through absolutely no fault of their own. Believe me, these are real and practical problems for millions of refugees, particularly those in extremely cold or extremely hot climates. Thermo Tent will offer both recreational campers and refugees massive increases in comfort levels."

The first Thermo Tent prototype was commissioned in 2014 and after a lot of chopping, testing, changing, retesting (6 prototypes later) Thermo Tent 6 was born. This is the first in the range, and it incorporates a fully insulated sleeping tent. Thermo Tent 6 uses only breathable materials such as Poly-cotton and cotton based insulation, along with steel poles and an Oxford groundsheet. It's hydrostatic head 10,000mm. Derek says this is crucial. "Quality, quality, quality. The Thermo Tent specification is at the very top of the food chain. That will not be compromised. Cheap and cheerful is NOT Thermo Tent. We have developed a recreational tent that can stand up to anything already on the market, and it's insulated. We have also developed another tent, specifically to meet disaster relief needs and we're in advanced talks with a number of agencies right now."

And " Yes, we are using this avenue to announce Thermo Tent to the world. It's perfect for us. What better way to announce our arrival than on the world's biggest Crowd-funding platform? We can get market validation and offer customers the opportunity to pre-order fantastic rewards such as Thermo Tents, Treks in Ireland & Salt Water Chargers (another nifty Thermo Tent product - using only salt water as fuel to charge your electronic devices!). March 24th here we come." I think we should watch this space.

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