Saturday, 23 March 2013

EU no longer fit for purpose

Usually I use this blog to write about my travel experiences, but I cannot ignore the blatant bullying of Cyprus that has gone on this last week. It seems the EU is intent on pushing the Cyprians into Russian control. I can't believe that the leaders in Brussels are really encouraging the Cyprian government to dip their hands into the pockets of their people, who have worked hard to build their savings, and take what is theirs. If a government starts doing this they are well on the way to communism, why would people bother saving if they know the politicians they have elected are just going to pluck those savings right from under their nose. There was a time when politicians believed in something, nowadays they are little more then petty thieves (I don't mean ALL of them of course, just in general).

Even more shocking is the fact that Ireland, who have begged and pleaded with the EU the be lenient with our bailout deal, is not standing up for their comrades, rather Enda Kenny is bending over to lick Angela Merkels boots yet again! Not only are our "esteemed" leaders sacrificing our own sovereignty, they are now putting that of other small nations up for sale!

The EU was set up with the idea that all are equal regardless of the size of the country, but it seems that the politicians have lied to us again (who saw THAT coming?). It's clear that now Germany is calling all the shots. Every country in Europe (aside from the British, fair play to them) seems to be bending over backwards to please them! It looks as if Merkel achieved what Hitler could not, and she didn't even need an army for it!

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